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You are a part of a small and growing group of people that have taken the first steps in educating themselves, about the problems dentistry can create and the solutions that dentistry can deliver. It is my intention to share a biweekly post with topics of interest and helpful tips for your health in general.

Dentistry, like all professions, is an evolutionary discipline. There are those in it that cling stubbornly to past ideas and notions while there are others who are pushing the limits, implementing sound science into their practices in the form of physiologically based dentistry. I often tell people that Holistic or Biological Dentistry is both a philosophy of care and a set of practices based on that philosophy. For the more science minded people reading this, it is really physiologically based.

The book, The Holistic Dental Matrix, is filled with helpful information that is written in an easy to read format. You will find it broken down into topical chapters that includes pertinent pictures and case studies. You will find QR codes sprinkled throughout the book. These take you on an expanded journey into the world of Holistic Dentistry in a way that just cannot be adequately conveyed in print form.

The Holistic Dental Matrix has only been available for a year, and it has already found its way around the world. There are copies in South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, Singapore, Ecuador, Switzerland, France, Germany, Canada, and more. I have been invited to speak in conferences, in Nevis, Quito, and St. Louis with more coming. It is gratifying and invigorating to know so many people are open and craving the knowledge presented in The Holistic Dental Matrix.

And the number of doctors who shift away from the past and have a sharp eye on the future is slowly increasing, which means better care for the masses.  The notions of the past, based on the level of awareness of the day, are falling aside as more people like you demand safer practices. An example of this is the dramatic lessening of the use of Amalgam fillings, known as the ‘Silver Filling’ which contains fifty percent of toxic mercury.

As doctors and consumers become more educated they bring power to policy. The EU has already publicly recognized the harm these mercury fillings have on individuals as well as our environment.  Which is why they, as a governing body, are working to completely eliminate its use.1

It is part of my mission to educate more here in the United States as well as the world, so that we can try to make such changes here to our healthcare. And to ensure the safe removal of this toxic material.

These are the types of topics that will be discussed on this site, in addition to my book The Holistic Dental Matrix, so that you may start to regain control of your health. Please share if there is a topic you would like covered, and I look forward to walking along this journey with you.

Oh, one last thing. The book is being translated into Spanish with the help of a medical translator. I am looking for this to be completed by early April and available on both the website: www.DrNicholasMeyer.com as well as Amazon and Kindle.

Cheers to Good Health,

Dr. Meyer


  1. European Union. Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Mercury, and repealing regulation (EC) No 1102/2008. http://data.consilium.europa.eu/doc/document/PE-4-2017-REV-1/en/pdf. Accessed January  29, 2018.

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