Dr. Nicholas Meyer


Below you will find the collection of books authored or co-authored by Dr. Meyer

The Holistic Dental Matrix

Welcome to The Holistic Dental Matrix™. It’s a journey into the fascinating connection between your overall health, chronic disease states and your dental health. Dr. Nicholas Meyer has discovered that you can’t just treat the symptoms of your dental issues; you have to follow the symptoms in order to find the real problem.

Learn how to take control of your health by making the connection between your teeth and your overall well-being by exploring The Holistic Dental Matrix™.

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Panic, Germs and the Truth inside American Mouths skillfully and eloquently guides us to the understanding that our lifestyle choices play major roles in determining our overall health and function- especially the choices we make regarding our mouth- the gateway to our whole body.

This book is a revelation for anyone with a diagnosed, misdiagnosed, or even misdiagnosed disorder wanting answers about why they might be sick and why they might not be getting better. It’s an empowering message for those who want to maintain health and resistance to disease. Panic, Germs and the Truth inside American Mouths is the book millions of Americans have been waiting for.

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Alternative medicine has been on the rise for quite some time. The reality is that the bandaid approach of traditional Western medicine is no longer acceptable to a significant portion of the global population. Doctors are prescribing medications at unprecedented rates instead of taking a functional approach which is essential for true health.

Learn How The Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America Can Improve Your Health features Dr. Meyer and some of the leading alternative doctors in the U.S. and insight into their functional approach to health and wellness.

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“The mouth is the gateway to the body.”

Dr. Nicholas J. Meyer