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My new book, The Holistic Dental Matrix™: How Your Teeth Control Your Health and Well-Being, is now available for purchase. This book is the culmination of my life's work in the field of holistic dentistry. I've helped thousands of patients in my 35+ years of practice, hundreds of which suffered from years of chronic pain or "mystery" illnesses. You, too, can learn the causes of many of today's common ailments, how oral health plays a role in them, and what you can do to begin on a path to living pain free and in optimal health. In appreciation for your interest, I am offering Chapter 1 of the book for free. Fill out your information below to begin your journey into the fascinating world of wellness and oral health.


Rave Reviews for the Holistic Dental Matrix™


Suzy Cohen

RPh, Pharmacist, Syndicated, Columnist and Author

At last, a book that gets you well! Dr. Nicholas Meyer’s extensive research and clinical practice makes him a shining example of success in America. Not only should every dentist and oral surgeon read The Holistic Dental Matrix (HDM), but also any person who has a chronic illness. It offers tremendous insight into how illness throughout the body can be tied to your mouth!


Dr. Norman Thomas

DDS, BDS (Hons), MB. BSc (Hons. Anat, Biochem; Physiol); PhD; FRCD; Cert Path MCV; Cert Med Ac. Prof Emeritus; International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO)

This very readable, truly enjoyable and immensely significant endeavor on behalf of the health of the dental patient is cogently written. In my opinion every dentist should definitely keep this book on the bookshelf alongside ‘ The Web that has No Weaver: Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by T.J. Kaptchuk. OMD.


Marth Grout, MD, MD(H)

Your book is brilliant, Nick – it is well written, clear.


Dr. Bill Williams, DMD Solstice Dental Advisors

Dr. Nick Meyer has written an important document that will advance the health of all of humanity. Written for the layman so that they understand the historical forces that molded the practice of dentistry in the United States, Dr. Meyer traces his own evolution through the biologic and holistic mine field. Because he persevered and dedicated his practice to this very subject, and more importantly, learned to apply that knowledge to treat heretofore “untreatable”cases, Dr. Meyer has given millions hope for healthy longevity.


Jack Wolfson MD

The Paleo Cardiologist

The Holistic Dental Matrix is the 21st century informational guide to oral health. Renowned dentist, Dr. Nicholas Meyer, makes holistic dentistry simple to understand and follow. Dr. Meyer follows the lead of Dr. Hal Huggins and documents the mounting evidence against toxins like mercury and fluoride. He offers practical solutions on holistic treatments and therapies.


Doris Rapp, MD, MD(H)

Practitioner, Researcher, Author

Just a note to thank you for all the time and effort you expended to help so many in so many ways. You’ ve earned stars in heaven. You are GREAT!


G.F. Gordon MD, DO, MD(H.)

YOU ARE AWESOME and the book is VITAL . WOW I LOVE IT! We are all indebted to Dr. Nick Meyer for his efforts in producing this critical, detailed book on dentistry, The Holistic Dental Matrix. The life-saving, vital information in this book will help me educate my 4300 health professionals members of F.A.C.T. (Forum on Anti-Aging and Chelation therapy-my free internet based email based discussion group from over 50 different countries).

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The Holistic Dental Matrix™

Facial Esthetics and Whole Person Dentistry

Facial Esthetics and Whole Person Dentistry

Learn how proper jaw balance can absolutely take 10-15 years off your appearance. You will learn how that balance creates beauty in the Holistic Dental Matrix™ .
The Shiny Truth About Mercury Fillings

The Shiny Truth About Mercury Fillings

Those ubiquitous little silver bandages that are put in teeth are 50 percent Mercury, a very potent neurotoxin that is continuously emitted from the filling. Learn how it can wreak havoc on your health.
Fluoride: Friend of Foe? You Decide

Fluoride: Friend of Foe? You Decide

Fluoride is seemingly everywhere in our environment. We are overdosed on it. The Holistic Dental Matrix™ will provide details as to why this concerns your health.
Chronic Diseases and Root Canals

Chronic Diseases and Root Canals

Bacterial toxins (or poisons) lurk in your jaws around even the best, most expertly performed root canal treatment. Explore their importance.
Heart Disease, Gum Diseases & Biofilms

Heart Disease, Gum Diseases & Biofilms

Biofilms are a group of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other. Biofilms are abound in nature. Learn why your heart, gums, and other organs can fall prey to biofilm illness.
Find Out How to Find Out What is Going On

Find Out How to Find Out What is Going On

The Holistic Dental Matrix™ is designed to be your guide to better health through a multidimensional dental paradigm©. Sort out the seemingly mysterious illness you may suffer from and its relationship to your mouth.

Meet Dr. Meyer

The Voice of Holistic Dentistry©

Dr. Nicholas Meyer

Dr. Nicholas J. Meyer has been practicing dentistry for over 35 years. He is incredibly active in many aspects of the field of holistic dentistry. He is a world renowned lecturer, clinical researcher and holds numerous leadership roles in leading healthcare organizations. Because of this knowledge and dedication, he is sought out by people from around the world.

People choose Dr. Meyer for his care, skill and judgment within his unique approach to holistic dental care. Dr. Meyer’s experience in advanced general dentistry (ie. dental implants and temporomandibular disorders) along with his extraordinary knowledge of services found in complimentary medicine (ie. homeopathy, energetic and physical medicine) allow him and his team to deliver a quality level of care that is unmatched in the field of holistic dentistry.

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